Dura-Tuff Weld-Ready™ grouser products are the smart choice, and the new standard of innovation and craftsmanship.


When you order from Dura-Tuff you get exactly what you need with no unnecessary waste. It's our mission to save you time and money for the best product experience possible. We cut our grouser products to your specifications before they are heat-treated so you get the quantity you need at the right length. It's ready to go. Right out of the box. Every time.

Individually Heat-Treated

Our Weld-Ready™ grouser products are individually heat-treated for consistent through-hardness. Each bar is meticulously tested and straightened for an unyielding, quality product. Our proprietary boron alloy steel is up to 20 points harder (Rockwell C) than our competitors with a variety of hardness levels to suit any working conditions.


Weld-Ready™ products are Dura-Packed to make sure they arrive on time and ready to go to work. Bundled with steel brackets and 7ml thick shrink wrap, our products allow easier access for quicker installation and protection from the elements. When you order grouser products, order them Weld-Ready, and be confident you'll get what you pay for.

Quickturn Ordering

We understand how important it is to reduce downtime at every turn. That's why we developed Quickturn Ordering. Our helpful experts are always available to help you place a fully custom order quickly and easily. We have streamlined our process to turn your order with lightning speed to get you back in the field.

Pre-Formed Bar

Many times the wear on the track shoe is uneven or rounded on the ends requiring time-intensive trimming before welding can occur. In addition to our unyielding straight grouser bar, Dura-Tuff has developed curved, beveled, and forged bars designed to fit common wear problems for a faster, more profitable install.

Dura-Tuff grouser bars

Dura-Tuff’s Weld-Ready™ grouser bars can be cut to any desired length.

Dura-Tuff grouser bar being heat-treated

Grouser bars are individually heat-treated for maximum hardness and durability.


Dura-Tuff’s QuickTurn Ordering gets your order fulfilled and out the door lightning fast.

shipping fulfillment

Finished bars are Dura-Packed for convenient delivery and storage.

All of Dura-Tuff's Grouser Products are made and delivered Weld-Ready™ A promise of quality as unyielding as the bars we forge.

Dura-Tuff Grouser Products