Longest lasting grouser products available:  UNYIELDING.
Longest lasting grouser products available: UNYIELDING.
Ice Lugs

Advantages of Dura-Tuff Ice Lugs

  • Clean cut—no mess or sharp edges
  • No added labor, material, or waste associated with chopping down to size
  • Packaging provides easy counting and transportation to job site
  • Extreme Service available for severe conditions
  • Boron steel alloy provides superior weldability
  • Tungsten carbide ice lugs extend wear in abrasive environments
Dura-Tuff Ice Lugs
Dura-Packed Packaging

Dura-Packed Packaging

Dura-Tuff ice lugs are packaged and organized to make storage and transportation to the job site a breeze. The smaller sizes—6 and 7 bar—are packaged in small boxes or compact totes in quantities of 50 and 100, and then placed in a larger box for storage. When it is time to weld the lugs, simply grab a couple of boxes and go. Larger ice lugs are stacked neatly in our standard Dura-Tuff boxes to make counting your inventory simple, easy, and headache-free.

When you need grouser trackpads, excavator track shoes, bulldozer trackpads, excavator ice lugs, or bolts for grouser bars and ice lugs, Dura-Tuff has exactly what you need. We also handle dozer track repair.

Tungsten Carbide Overlay

Tungsten Carbide Overlay

As tough as Dura-Tuff ice lugs are, our tungsten carbide ice lugs are even tougher. A great option to extend wear life, tungsten carbide lugs are designed for high abrasion so they last longer than regular ice lugs. Get more out of your run time between maintenance in areas of severe wear with Dura-Tuff tungsten carbide ice lugs.

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