Longest lasting grouser products available:  UNYIELDING.
Longest lasting grouser products available: UNYIELDING.
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Protect Your Hardware

Trailing Edge Bar, also called Bolt Relief Bar provides protection to the track shoe hardware. Bolt heads often become overly worn and need to be torched off. By installing trailing edge bar, track shoe hardware can be removed and re-used for another maintenance cycle.


The hardware on a large dozer can cost as much as $5,000! Trailing Edge Bar is only a fraction of that cost. It has become a standard practice for many of the world’s largest dozer fleets and undercarriage track shops.

Bolt Relief Bar

Helpful Hint

Trailing Edge Bar is commonly welded onto a brand new track shoe in order to protect the shoe from the get go. It is usually not necessary to replace the Trailing Edge Bar during the life of the shoe, but it extends the shoe life significantly. When you need grouser trackpads, excavator track shoes, bulldozer trackpads, excavator ice lugs, or bolts for grouser bars and ice lugs, Dura-Tuff has exactly what you need. We also handle dozer track repair.

Helpful Hint

Without T-bar, Shoes Develop An Uneven Trailing Edge Scalloping Effect, Bolt Heads Wear Down, And The Overall Shoe Becomes Thin And Frail.

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Trailing edge sizes

Common applications

Track Shoe

Full Width T-Bar welded across the entire trailing edge of the track shoe.

Trailing Edge

Centered T-Bar welded in the center of the trailing edge.

T-Bar tungsten

Centered T-Bar with tungsten carbide overlay for additional wear life.