Longest lasting grouser products available:  UNYIELDING.

Grouser Bars, Ice Lugs & Dozer Bars throughout New Hampshire

Dura-Tuff grouser bars are stronger and last longer than those made by other companies because they are built to last. Furthermore, we guarantee that Dura-Tuff will be the superior option to other grouser bar solutions available to you.

Because of our long history in this industry, we are able to provide our customers with the highest possible level of service. Our regular customers are happy with the things that we provide since we never let the quality of our products slip.

New Hampshire is generally known as the "Granite State" because of the numerous granite formations and quarries that can be found across the state. However, New Hampshire is also known as the Mother of Rivers, the White Mountain State, and the Switzerland of America. So if you live in New Hampshire, you can call us at 855-914-1914 or contact us online.

Dura-Tuff Is A Trusted Option for Finest Grousers in New Hampshire

Is there an issue with the accuracy of your tracked machine's work, or do they have a lack of traction? It is because of the lower quality of your grouser bars that you are having problems. We can guarantee that the Dura-Tuff product is exactly what you need  These are some of our items that are very well-liked:

If you're looking for something that will last longer, durable, and make your machine run faster. Over the course of more than three decades spent working in this industry, we have never allowed the standard of our products to slip.

Improve Your Machine’s Traction with Dura-Tuff Products 

The United States of America has a deep industrial heritage and a long history of manufacturing steel. We continue that tradition with the goal of producing grouser products that are durable and strong. So, if you require any grouser bar products from us, please call us at 855-914-1914 or contact us online.