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Grouser Bars & Ice Lugs in Lima Area

Grouser Bars are used for increasing the traction of heavy construction types of machinery such as dozers and excavators. They become extremely useful in loose materials like soil and snow. In areas like Lima, Peru, where the weather is extreme both in summer and winter, the machinery needs a solid grip on the land. This is where Dura Tuff comes in handy with superior Grouser bars and ice lags.

Our products are made from steel which is individually heat-treated for a constant through-hardness and cut to length. We guarantee our ice lags and grouser bars to have a reliable long-wearing performance. You can avail of our products in Lima by clicking here. To talk to our experienced team of professionals, simply call 855-914-1914.

Dura Tuff Offers Premium Grouser Items

You can save thousands of dollars by simply investing in Dura Tuff’s range of grouser solutions. Serving since 1986, we have earned a respectable name in the industry. Our grouser products are tough in nature and weld-ready. Over the years, we have been contributing products in more than 25 countries worldwide. Our first-rate customer service has left us with a countess smile and positive reviews.

Our quality products in Lima include:

Grouser Bars by Dura Tuff for a Better Grip

Serving in the industry for so many years, we understand the needs and requirements of heavy vehicles. We have set a high standard through our products. Once you order from us, it will likely take about 24 to 48 hours to arrive.

Whether it is about removing the heavy snow in winter or dealing with hot summer soils, our grouser products can take all the toll. So do not worry anymore about getting your grouser products, and contact us by dialing 855-914-1914. You can also click on the link for a free estimation.

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April 02, 2020 | Lima

Our grouser bar replacements are so well-made, we even ship to companies around the world. This container is headed for Lima Peru. With mining and road construction, these companies need as little down time on their machines as possible. Dura Tuff offers the longest wearing Grouser Bar available.