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Grouser Bars, Ice Lugs & Dozer Bars in Anchorage, AK

For more than 30 years, Dura-Tuff has set the global standard for superior grouser products because of a proprietary boron alloy that maximizes hardness and weld-ability in our bars & grouser products. That makes us popular in places like Anchorage, a growing and thriving city where grouser products like ice lugs, forestry grouser bars, dozer bars, and weld-on bars are essential for the growth and development of a port city surrounded by wilderness areas.

As a gateway to nearby wilderness areas and mountains including the Chugach, Kenai, and Talkeetna, Anchorage is a major market for Dura-Tuff’s premium quality grouser products that help with coal mining, excavation, and more. The steel in our grouser bars is cut-to-length and individually heat-treated for consistent through-hardness. This creates a grouser bar that is up to 20 points harder (Rockwell C) than our competitor's bar.

Duratuff Grouser Bars Work with These Brands

Durable & Innovative Grouser Products by Dura-Tuff in Anchorage

Founded in 1986, Dura-Tuff has a singular focus: to consistently create the best, most durable, and innovative grouser products available anywhere. The company has earned a solid reputation among the customers in the market by producing the toughest, most innovative, weld-ready grouser products. Some of our most popular products include:

Grouser Bars

Grouser Bars

Ice Lugs

Ice Lugs

Trailing Edge Bars

Trailing Edge Bars


Dura-Tuff’s grouser products can save you tens of thousands of dollars on just one machine. When you apply that to a fleet of bulldozers that adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual savings.


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Duratuff of Salt Lake City, UT has been making products that stand up to the most abrasive environments on the planet with a presence in more than twenty-five countries worldwide. America has a rich industrial heritage and a proud tradition of steel working. We are passionate for making the best, most durable, and innovative grouser products in the world.

What's the Advantage?

In many abrasive environments, the grouser wears down at a disproportionate rate to the rest of the undercarriage, making the concept of regrousering a cost-effective way to approach undercarriage maintenance. 

Regrousering can significantly prolong the life of the track group and save thousands of dollars over the life of the undercarriage

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When you need the best possible grouser products for your job in Anchorage, you need to contact Dura-Tuff. Manufactured in the USA but operating in more than 25 countries around the world, we set the global standard in the industry. Call us today at 855-914-1914 for a free consultation.

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December 07, 2021 | Anchorage, AK

Many Heavy Equipment Dealers in Alaska rely on Dura-Tuff grouser bars to keep their machines moving. In extreme weather conditions, such as snow and ice, the existing grousers wear down at a disproportionate rate to the rest of the undercarriage. This makes grouser bars a cost-effective way to approach undercarriage maintenance for heavy machinery.