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1 Gather Information & Measurements

Identify the make and model number of the machine to be regrousered and the number of shoes it has. For example, are you needing to regrouser a CAT D9T dozer or a Komatsu 375 dozer? Take the measurements as indicated by the illustrations.

measure track shoe width

1) What is the make and model of your machine?

2) How many shoes does this model have?

3) What is the with of the track shoe?

Common track shoe widths are 22", 24", 28", etc.

measure worn grouser thickness and height

4) What is the thickness at the top of the worn grouser?

5) What is the height of the worn grouser?

desired height of grouser

6) What is the total desired height?

2 Match Size from Grouser Profiles

The measurements you took of the worn grouser in Step 1, and the total desired height will be used to determine the compatible profile size, as shown in the illustration below. You can click on the profile chart thumbnails to match the correct profile size to your track shoe measurements.

1) Which profile do you need?

profiles of grouser bars

3 Choose The Length of Your Bar

Dura-Tuff offers grouser bar in any length and profile size. Our Weld-Ready™ Cut-to-Length Bar is pre-cut to your desired length. Our Full Length Bar (10 foot) is also available and shipped in bundles. Learn the advantages of each and decide what best fits your needs.

1) Do you want Cut-to-Length Bar?

cut-to-length bar

Using the measurements taken in Step One, you can order bar custom cut to your needs.

Advantages of Weld-Ready™ Cut-to-Length Bar

  • Bar arrives ready to weld, straight from the box.
  • Straight, curved, forged, and beveled bar available for a variety of wear patterns, eliminating the need to trim.
  • The bar is cut BEFORE heat treating. Cutting the bar after heat treating takes hardness out of the bar on cut ends.
  • No wasted labor, sharp edges, scrap, time and hardness loss associated with cutting the bar on your own.
  • Dura-Tuff’s premium Dura-Packed Shrinkwrap protects packaging during shipping and storage and ensures it arrives in tact.

Learn more about Weld-Ready

2) OR do you want Full Length Bar?

full-length bar

When you purchase Full Length Bar, you can cut them down to your preference.

Reasons/Advantages of Full Length (10 Foot) Bar

  • Full Length or 10 Foot Bars are a great option to maintain inventory.
  • Having bar in stock allows dealers to make bar available to their customers anytime.
  • Customer can cut bar down for regrousering, ice lugs, and other abrasive applications such as bucket and shovel reinforcement.
  • Dura-Tuff offers bundle pricing discounts for dealers who want to stock full length bars.

4 Determine The Required Hardness

Different applications require different grouser bars. Selecting the correct hardness is a vital part of prolonging the life of the undercarrriage. Dura-Tuff grouser bars are harder and wear longer.

1) Which hardness is required?

heat-treated hardness chart non-heat-treated hardness chart

2) How does Dura-Tuff’s hardness compare to a new track shoe?

hardness test comparison chart

3) What sizes are available in each hardness?

availability by hardness chart

5 Select The Most Effective Shape

If you look at the worn grouser bar on your track shoe, you will see one of several common wear patterns. Dura-Tuff has designed different bar shapes to make welding to each wear pattern easier and more effective. The illustrations will help you choose the most effective grouser bar shape for your wear pattern.

wear patterns

What is a Wear Pattern?
Depending on the impact of and abrasiveness of the environment, the worn grouser can take on several wear patterns. Selecting the right shape to fit the wear pattern can eliminate trimming, which saves time, money, and improves overall performance in the field.

1) Which shape best fits your wear pattern?

straight bar

Straight Bar

  • Wear pattern is even all the way across
  • Shoe is trimmed for a flat surface
  • Works well with automated welders

beveled bar

Beveled Bar

  • Wear pattern is even all the way across
  • Shoe is trimmed for a flat surface
  • Ends of bar are clipped at a 45 degree angle for less turning resistence and added support
  • Works well with automated welders

curved bar

Curved Bar

  • Slightly rounded wear pattern
  • Eliminates the need for trimming
  • Curved bar shape reduces amount of fill weld required
  • Ideal for track shoes welded in the field

forged bar

Forged Bar

  • Rounded wear pattern with severely worn edges
  • Eliminates the need for trimming
  • Ends of bar are clipped at a 45 degree angle for less turning resistence and added support
  • Hooked bar ends are designed to fit track shoes with severe wear on edges
  • Ideal for track shoes welded in the field

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